In this week\’s installment of The Score, we hear your thoughts Hyrule Warriors, and whether it will live up to previous entries in the Zelda franchise.

In addition, we ask for your thoughts on third party collaborations, specifically where you would like to see Nintendo make some investments with 3rd parties. Obviously, Nintendo has been making more of an effort to make partnerships with third parties recently, beginning with Platinum with The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2, then moving on to make the Sonic:Lost World partnership, and most recently Nintendo\’s partnership concerning Hyrule Warriors with Tecmo Koei. What other partnerships would you like to see Nintendo make?

The Score: Episode 32

The Score: What 3rd Party Collaborations Should Nintendo Invest In?

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Last week, we asked you…

The Score: Will Hyrule Warriors Live Up to Previous Zelda Games?

Head below and find out what you had to say.

Your Responses

Since its more dynasty warrior style gameplay its hard to say.

-Joseph Nintenjoe Brinson

The quality we seen Zelda games have such a major contrast compared to the Dynasty Warrior games. Dynasty Warrior games have just been extremely poor, and not offered anything new since it was first released for the ps2. Just a very bad decision.

-Jayson Flores

Well, no, I don\”t even think they are comparable. Too different. besides its more of a stand-alone title anyway, it doesn\’t really need to live up to it. It will probably just be another good dynasty warriors game with a Zelda skin.


You can\’t really compare it, it\’s much different than a traditional Zelda.

-Alex Sullivan

That\’s kind of a dumb question, considering it\’s not going to be a \”Zelda game\”, and no one should EXPECT it to be a \”Zelda game\”. It\’s a Warriors game. It\’ll be fine, but anyone expecting actual ZELDA, is an idiot. Expect it to be what it is, enjoy it for what it is, and you\’ll be okay.

-Jesse Moak


-Matt Zupon

You can\’t compare, as it\’s not a traditional Zelda game… It\’s just a spin off…

-John Allison

Its not Zelda games, its a Dynasty Warriors game that use the zelda IP.

The question should be will it be a good  Dynasty Warriors game? I think so given its a collaboration with Nintendo and they have incredibly high standards.


It definitely looks interesting.  Maybe it will be successful enough to push the core Zelda series itself in positive directions.  We could see Hyrule Field populated by larger swarms of enemies and have larger, more widespread attacks to deal with them.  Also, that fire rod or whatever it was looked like something I\’d want to beat Ganon over the face with.


I think it\’s unfair to judge a game after a set of standards it is not aiming to meet.

-Andreas Sunde

This is going to be the first built from the ground up Zelda related game for the Wii U. I\’m not looking at the Wind Waker HD game since that is a Re-release of a GameCube game.  While the more enemies on screen is a Trademark of the Dynasty Warriors franchise, I\’m hoping it\’s also a sign of things to come for the Main Zelda U game in Development strictly for the Wii U. I\’m hoping for more enemies to appear on screen at one time in the Main Zelda U game. I\’m also hoping that Nintendo will lengthen the Light World/ Dark World sizes by Double if not Triple the size.

That said, Hyrule Warriors will be a Welcome edition to my games Collection as I\’m fond of buying the Occasional Dynasty Warriors game to begin with and even bought Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper for the Wii U as well. And if this hack/slash game sells well (700,000 units) I\’m sure we\’ll see even more games like this in the Wii Us future as well. Still hoping this opens the door for the Wii U to get a version of Capcoms Stryder game towards the end of 2014…

 -David K

I don\’t think it will live up to previous Zelda games, but that isn\’t the aim of this game.

This appears to be a different game(Dynasty Warriors), using the Zelda IP. The real question is will this be a great Dynasty Warriors game? I\’m not sure. I\’ve never played a Dynasty Warriors game. I know they are trying to release a new type of game with a fan favorite franchise, but it seems to be that the Fire Emblem IP may have been better suited for this type of game.

I do find it strange Nintendo would lend the Zelda IP to a 3rd party publisher before letting 3rd parties take a crack at IPs like Starfox, F-Zero, Earthbound, etc.


Nope. It\’s like comparing the Crossbow training to the Zelda games. It\’ll be fun. But it won\’t provide a Zelda experience.

-Christopher Arnold

No, the game is made by tecmo and the quality seen in the warrior games will be the same quality you will get from this game. Zelda wont make the developers magically better.


Not even close. Not saying it\’ll be a mediocre game or anything but it\’s not touching the quality of most Zelda games


There\’s a good chance that Hyrule Warriors will be a worthy Legend of Zelda spin-off. I\’ll list three reasons for my optimism.

1) It\’s clear from the trailer than Hyrule Warriors incorporates core elements of Zelda\’s battle system – like locking onto large enemies, blocking with the shield, and performing Link\’s usual acrobatics. This could really take the Dynasty Warriors game engine up a notch by addressing the complaint that ground level combat is mindless and droll.

2) Nintendo might be using Hyrule Warriors to tell the stories that the traditional Legend of Zelda adventure format isn\’t well suited to tell. There are two epic wars listed in the Hyrule Historia timeline, the Great Triforce War before Ocarina of Time and the war before Skyward Sword, legends that would be better told using a war game. Keep in mind that Dynasty Warriors and it\’s various spin-offs are all very devoted to lore. There\’s no reason to think that this game won\’t be canonical.

3) This could be the game that finally makes the gamepad relevant. Imagine if Hyrule Warriors has a ZombiU style versus mode… 1 to 4 players use wiimotes to play the Heroes of Light in traditional Warriors fashion, facing them is the Prince of Darkness who uses the gamepad to send hordes of weak minions around in RTS style and who can, occasionally, possess stronger minions to directly confront the Heroes of Light.



Staff Responses

Probably not. Dynasty Warriors isn\’t known to be that amazing of a franchise, only an incredibly repetitive one. I\’m sure that putting Link into the title won\’t just make the whole gameplay better. I do have some hope left, though, that figuring out how to defeat each enemy may take some strategy and puzzle-solving.

*looks at trailer again*

Nope! It\’s going to be mindless killing! At least it\’ll sell in Japan…

-Elia (Paleselan)

More details are needed of course, but multiplayer + online multiplayer + Nintendo overseeing the project would equal in success. We have confirmed 1 of the 3, so if we can get the other 2, it\’s a sure win.

-Shawn Long (SirNintendo)

No. I could stop there, but I do think they\’re is a chance the game could be fun… But no way will it live up to the main franchise. That is ok though.

-Tyson Gifford (TheMightyMe)

I don\’t  think it\’s trying to from what I\’ve seen. That\’s like asking whether Mario Party will ever live up to the 3D Mario series. Hyrule Warriors is just a different genre, likely created to hype up Zelda Wii U. I\’m sure it will be fun though and definitely has the potential to be receiving more care than the traditional dynasty warriors series.

-Omar T (Acesonnall)


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