In this week\’s installment of The Score, we find out where you think Nintendo should take their new Remix franchise and ask for your thoughts on what you would like to see next from Retro Studios, now that Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is outta the way.

The Score: Episode 38

The Score: What would you like to see next from Retro Studios

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Last week, we asked you…

The Score: Where Does the Nintendo Remix Franchise Go From Here?

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Your Responses

they probably have another nes one in them… the first game covered early ens game, the second covered some other early ones but also a bunch of mid life ones… I could see a 3rd cover late generation games and some more mid generation ones.  Then perhaps onto snes remix.

– themightyme

This one looks really good compared to the last one, I was wondering why these games werent in it. And it has the full 1st mario bros game backwards as luigi. I still wont get it but hopefully this comes to club nintendo rewards then id get it.

– bobsmith (from n4g)

I like NES Remix, it\’s a great way to get some retro gaming time in short bursts. NES Remix looks better with a better game selection. I would love to see some online leaderboards though or something like that. I hope this series expands to a potential SNES Remix, that would be amazing! And then may N64 Remix, GameCube Remix, Wii Remix and then Wii U Remix……talk about meta 😛

– Mr Chris

I\’d say the NES library is good after Volume 2. I\’d like to see it move on to SNES or Game Boy.

– sirnintendo (Shawn Long, NE Staff)

Same here.  I think they should do a SNES Remix.

– JonTurner

I say hurry up and get to N64 and Gamecube generations! Also do GB, GBA and DS for the 3DS.

– Sknygy (Andy Whitefield, NE Staff)

All these old games should be free never mind wasting time remixing them. How about you work on getting pro controllers or the game pad to work on normal play Wii games or something a bit more useful to your customer base?

– DC777 (from n4g)

Remixes of games on other platforms like snes and n64.

– boSSyndrome (from n4g)

I\’d need to actually play the game before I really comment. ; ) The footage I\’ve seen looks good though.

– Deraj626

With the nes remake they should release new content as dlc so you don\’t have 2 spaces for practically the same game

– Patrick Dohm (from facebook)

But seriously, the NES lends itself to more of the quick, arcade-style action the gameplay of Remix requires than any other Nintendo console.  The roster of games like that on SNES and beyond are far more slim.

– Geoffrey Kappenberg (from facebook)

Virtual Boy Remix

– Geoffrey Kappenbrg (from facebook)

Lets hope nowhere and Nintendo actually releases new games instead of ripoff remixes.

– Geekman (from n4g)

(@Geekman) Why do I get the feeling you haven\’t even played it?

NES Remix is a small, relatively cheap, homage to classic NES games done in a mini-game format. I can\’t think of another game that does that so in some respects this \”ripoff\” is unique.

– Nevers0ft (from n4g)

id like to see the remix game done to entire games and expand to third party games.

– tweet75 (from n4g)

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Written by Andy W.

Andy W.

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