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At Nintendo Enthusiast we have been lucky enough to have a great contact at a retailer who has been able to provide us with occasional rumors that we\’ve been happy to share when relevant. However, because our goal as an online publication is to represent a values-first approach to video game journalism — the opposite of a sensationalist tabloid-like newspaper or magazine — we take the publishing of our own rumors as a very serious matter. For this reason, I\’d like to look back at the history of rumors we\’ve originated from our source between 2011- 2014 as a way to remain accountable for our choices. We can see which ones came true and to what degree.

Why do this now?This is all coming in advance of a rumor we will reveal shortly. The rumor is relevant to PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U. The Wii U version of this rumored upcoming game will have a very exciting functionality using the GamePad. Stay tuned because tomorrow we\’re dropping a bomb!

Wii U Name Legal Issues, Wii U Not Weaker Than 360/PS3



In this post we spoke about Nintendo encountering a legal issue with the name Wii U. A month later we updated the post, showing that it had been confirmed that ITJL had challenged Nintendo over the letter U in Wii U. Of course, this didn\’t stop Nintendo. A rumor had also ravaged the internet at the time, claiming that Wii U was weaker than PS3/360. Our source refuted it and stated that the Wii U would have certain technological advances over the last gen systems. This has definitely been the case from what we\’ve seen so far. Most sources now believe Wii U is somewhere between last gen and current gen (PS4, Xbox One.)

True or False: TRUE

Nintendo Network/Miiverse will be Nintendo\’s Competing Network to Xbox Live and PSN, Full of Unique Features



This rumor was published in January 2012 and our source had told us that Nintendo would be challenging Xbox Live and PSN with their own brand of online gaming network architecture. It would even have features and functionality unique from Nintendo. It was revealed later that year at E3 as the Miiverse service working in tandem with the Nintendo Network. We also claimed from our source that Nintendo eventually wanted to make it possible to login to their network from a browser. Of course, that is now possible with Miiverse.

True or False: TRUE

Wii U TV App Being Made By Nintendo



This rumor probably sounded absolutely ridiculous and the way we originally heard it, it does sound a bit odd. We reported from our source that Nintendo was interested in making a TV app for the Wii U and its revolutionary GamePad and they were currently exploring a similar type of TV app being made by MySpace. Of course, we know the outcome. MySpace was not contracted to make the app, rather, another company ended up making what is now known as TVii for the Wii U.

True or False: The general concept was proven to be true, although the MySpace spin was kind of weird

Wii U Dev Kits Getting More Powerful


The internet was in an uproar about the Wii U dev kits. Some developers were saying how it was worse than last-gen. Others were impressed. What to believe? We were told by our source that a newer version of the dev kits had been given out and it was more powerful than earlier versions. Eventually this was proven to be true by many developers. Also, check out how we debunked many false rumors in this post.

True or False: TRUE

Wii U Release Date – November 18th


In this post our source had told us that November 18th was being considered as the final release date of the Wii U. Since our source is part of the video game retailer industry, he is almost always on-the-mark when it comes to rumors about release dates or bundles/packages. And of course, in this case, he was right on the money.

True or False: TRUE

Monolith Soft\’s Next Game, Wii U VC



Our source made two vague comments to me before the Nintendo Direct about Monolith Soft\’s game finally being revealed and the Wii U finally getting the Virtual Console. Since they were somewhat vague, I tweeted about them but didn\’t publish an official post. However, both came true. At that Nintendo Direct we saw first footage of Monolith Soft\’s X and heard details about the Wii U VC.

True or False: TRUE

Splinter Cell Blacklist, Deus Ex, Watch Dogs Coming to Wii U


This was a pretty fun rumor for me to run, actually. I brazenly threw out to the internet that Ubisoft would be bringing some more third-party support to Wii U in the form of Watch_Dogs, Deus Ex Human Revolution, and Splinter Cell Blacklist. Many haters rolled their eyes and claimed we were Nintendo fans grasping at straws with the lack of support. However, I knew that if retail got wind of these games in their databases, there was a pretty strong chance of them making it to release. And, of course, they were announced shortly after.

True or False: TRUE

GTA V Had Been Tested on Wii U


Here is another blip on the radar which makes me uncomfortable. Why? Because I can never prove that it was right or wrong. GTA V may have in fact been tested on the Wii U, just like Crysis 3, but we will never know. For now, that rumor makes me feel a bit awkward. Are our rumors sometimes infallible? It seems like we won\’t always be blessed with a perfect record.

True or False? Unknown

Nintendo Land Basic Bundle, Deluxe Bundle Price Drop Incoming


This was the first time our source mentioned to us the possibility of a Wii U price drop and new bundles incoming. The retail business usually has good communication with Nintendo when a price drop is on its way and this was once again the case. Within a short amount of time, a price drop was announced.

Finally, the new Wii U Basic Bundle which features Skylanders Swap Force and includes Nintendo Land arrived just as we were told it would.

True or False: TRUE

Written by Menashe

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