Wii U Online Multiplayer



The Universe Project


  • MMO set in space
  • no NPCs, all interactions are real time
  • create economies, mine resources, and combat against the world


Extreme Heart


  • 3 mech combat
  • Customize your Mechs to your liking.
  • Local Split-screen Multiplayer/online mode
  • Fighting wave after wave in Endless Legion Mode.


chompy chomp chomp party


  • Chomp your enemies in local and online multiplayer
  • up to 5 players
  • Various on map power ups and effects
  • enhanced version of 360 and PC game


bombing bastards (picture unrelated placeholder)


  • bomberman influenced
  • solo player and 4 player local
  • 8 player online mode
  • $5 price point


andrecca adventures


  • beautiful cartoon style graphics
  • co op and versus online multiplayer
  • flip tiles on board to find power ups to defeat enemies


Hive Jump


  • handcrafted 2d pixel art
  • online co op multiplayer
  • upgradeable weapons
  • procedurally generaed alien hives to explore

Dragons and Titans

dragons and titans wii u mmo

  • features 10-15min 5v5 matches
  • 20 different dragons and 20 different weapons to choose from
  • multiple online game modes
  • Youtube Trailer

Lucadian Chronicles

lucadian chronicles

  • strategic online cad battle game
  • world is filled with secrets for you to explore
  • each card is unique and can share relationships to add unique combinations in your army



  • play as marine mammals in outer space
  • furious and unrelenting action
  • local multiplayer mayhem
  • Youtube Gameplay Video


forced wii u

  • tactical arena co-op action
  • use unique sprit mentor for new gameplay elements
  • planned unique Wii U features including asymmetric modes
  • Youtube Video

Wrecking Balls Arena DX

wrecking balls arena dx

  • 4 player arcade-style game
  • command a team of 4 wrecking balls taking on other teams
  • battle across surreal environments and use crazy items to your advantage
  • Youtube Video

Hullbreach Uncloaked


  • follow up to cult hit Wii browser game, Hullbreach
  • 576 sectors of space to explore
  • online multiplayer, communication & future DLC planned

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