The Art of Relaxation

Have a long day at work? Need to relax? There is no greater accomplice that will free some anxiety like playing Animal Crossing does. Animal Crossing has the ability to make simple gameplay mechanics have a huge pay-off in amusement and replay value. Whether it is cleaning up your town, buying new merchandise, or fishing, Animal Crossing has a convivial spunk that makes responsibility all the more fun in its small digital universe. How else can I put this? Animal Crossing makes obligations not only fun, but completely addicting. Its everlasting world of charming characters and soothing music wraps around your heart, squeezes tight, and never lets go.

Plays When You’re Away

One thing that I find particularly awesome is that the world and characters in your game are living, even when you’re away. Time never stops, seasons will pass, and animals will come and go, all in your absence. Your town will begin to show that it hasn’t been kept up over time. It’s a brilliant idea from Nintendo that always entices players to come back. Not only that, but the latest iteration in the series, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, is constantly being updated with new merchandise and goodies to find. This mechanic is what ultimately deviates the Animal Crossing series from other life sim games. Well, that, and the fact you’re living with talking animals in clothes!

Better With Friends

Playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf with friends adds so much to the experience with the game. Chatting about the trophies you have earned, the secret items you’ve collected, or the wacky things you’re towns-animals say, it’s all completely chaotic and bubbly cute. You can visit your friend’s town and go swimming, catch bugs, and even play wacky mini-games on Tortimer Island. Every player has a unique town and unique animals; therefore, everyone’s experience with the game is unique.

A feature introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the Happy Home Showcase. It allows you to StreetPass with any nearby gamers who also have New Leaf. After connecting with one another, you are then eligible to visit their home in the Showcase area and you can even purchase select items from each room. You never know what you’ll find in someone’s home — things can very from brilliant to creepy. The Happy Home Showcase is an excellent addition to the series and I can’t imagine the next installment without it.

Creativity is Key

Arguably, the most important part of Animal Crossing is building, decorating, and making your home into everything that screams ‘you’. Set up a game room in the basement. Create an art museum. Have your own music studio. It’s a plethora of creation tools all in the palm of your hand, literally! The Animal Crossing franchise teaches gamers discipline, creativity, and most importantly, how to have a good time. I can’t wait to see what type of features are added in the Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing game (if one comes out for it, fingers crossed).

I have stressed my love for the Animal Crossing series to you, now I want to know what you think. Do you spend countless hours pulling weeds and buying turnips? Or is the cutesy animal-befriending life just not your thing? Leave all your thoughts in the comments!

Written by Brett Medlock

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