E3 is coming! And to ready our bodies I decided to ask our forum members the question, \”what are you most excited to see at E3, and why?\”

Before heading on to their answers, I have prepared a short summary of what their responses were, and commented on it where appropriate.

First, let\’s get this out of the way: there was barely any mention of the Quality Of Life platform. That truly is turning out to be for the expanded market, and not for core gamers, even if we know so little about it yet. I don\’t think we should expect to hear much about it during E3, but then again we\’re talking about Nintendo here, so who really knows.

Something that isn\’t quite \”Zelda U\” (of course we\’ll talk about that one later) that is getting some attention is Hyrule Warriors. We still know nothing about the structure of this game, but we know that it is being co-developed by Omega Force, who are the developers of the Dynasty Warriors franchise; and by Team Ninja and Nintendo SPD, who previously collaborated on Metroid: Other M, a game that, unlike in many other communities, finds much love in our Nintendo Enthusiast Forums.


On that note, another expectation I\’ve heard of, and that I partake in, is the want to see more Nintendo collaborations. We know that Nintendo loves Tecmo right now (who said they have another collaboration with Nintendo to announce this E3), and Natsume recently tweeted that they have three games they will reveal during E3 for Nintendo systems. What else is hiding out there? Collaborations with Capcom? With Konami? With Grasshopper Manufacture? And will the Platinum Studios love continue?

Many people are also interested in \”the surprises\”, that is, the new IPs, the old forgotten IPs, and the stuff that will be so completely out of left field we will either jump in joy or collectively facepalm with the force of a hundred megatons. Will we see a new Mach Rider? A new Star Fox or F-Zero? a new Clu-Clu Land? An Ice Climbers game? It may seem outlandish to ask for such a thing of the past, but I think it\’s likely we\’ll see exactly one old franchise revival. It already happened with Kid Icarus, and that turned out to be one of the best Nintendo games of recent years.

On the 3DS front, in general, people are simply expecting new games. It\’s true that in the past year we haven\’t gotten games on the 3DS like we did in previous years, when the march to bring success to the system was ongoing much like it is now for the Wii U. So there is much to expect from the 3DS, even if it is just to fill its library with the franchises missing so far, such as Advance Wars.

Let\’s be honest, though: everyone came here to talk about Zelda U. Everybody wants it. Everybody needs it right now. Volumes could be written of sheer speculation about what it will be, and what it won\’t be. Let me give my personal take. Years ago, before Skyward Sword had even been shown, Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma were hyping the hell out of it by saying that it would reinvent the Zelda franchise, that it would challenge our expectations of the Zelda name, that the overworld would be completely different, and that you would no longer visit dungeons only once, but rather revisit them later. He talked a lot of crap, to be blunt, that didn\’t exactly come true with Skyward Sword, or at the very least wasn\’t very impactful. However, we later learned that Skyward Sword turned out to be a very different game from what they themselves thought it was going to be, due to the addition of the Wii MotionPlus mechanic. Now, we are hearing the same claims again: the largest Zelda game yet, it will challenge what we think Zelda games are or need to be.


Could it be just PR-speak? Of course. But I think it will be a similar case to Ocarina of Time and Majora\’s Mask, where many ideas that had to get cut from the first game due to budget and time constraints had to end up in the latter one. I think this is the Zelda we were expecting before we got Skyward Sword.

Before I get out of this, we have to talk about Metroid. It\’s been a decade since the last 2D Metroid. It\’s been 4 years since the last 3D one. We are bound to get something. With the recent critical and financial success that was Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, I think it\’s possible we\’ll see another sequel-to-a-SNES-classic in the form of Super Metroid 2. Personally, I just want Another M, but having a new 2D Metroid would be a boon. But truly, the one true defining characteristic of all Metroid games (and it isn\’t non-linearity, back-tracking, fast action, or platforming, or any one of these things exclusively) is that every new game is very different from the last one (even among the Prime subfranchise). So in keeping with the spirit of the Metroid franchise, what I truly wish is for a new Metroid game to be so different from everything before, yet so awesome that it spawns a new generation of annoying fanboys who think they know what \”the real Metroid\” is like.

Anyway, I now present to you the answers I received from forum members. Click on the page numbers below the share buttons to see their responses. And make sure to respond in the comments section with what you want to see most this E3, and why.

Written by Alex Balderas

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