Online petitions have been seriously dominating the online space for the better half of a decade, some of which actually receive positive results. Nintendo in particular is a company that has commented on the subject by stating \”Petitions don\’t affect what we do.\” However, their actions seem to speak differently.

A recent petition to get the original Bayonetta released on Wii U is a solid example of how Nintendo\’s statement above could have been misleading. Not long after a Bayonetta petition was started, at many fan\’s surprise, the game was announced! This could be a coincidence, but that doesn\’t knock the idea that Nintendo was, to a degree, persuaded by fan support and petitioning. Another example that \’sort of\’ came true was a somewhat hilarious petition started to get \”The Regginator\” (Reggie Fils-Aime) in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS. At Nintendo\’s 2014 Digital Event, they announced that you could play as any created Mii, including Reggie!


There is a smorgasbord of Nintendo fans petitioning to have The Legend of Zelda: Majora\’s Mask remastered on 3DS. This petition has gathered over fifty-five thousand signatures and managed to build a cult following on on their Facebook page. On various occasions, The Big N has hinted at a possible remake of the classic N64 title. From simple nods in games and media to Zelda Williams showboating a giant Majora\’s Mask replica at this past E3, Majora\’s Mask has been omniscient in Nintendo\’s marketing. Once again, it seems Nintendo may be deterred by fan outcry after all. They are a game company that works in mysterious ways; I think it\’s obvious that something is up their sleeves and we\’re bound to find out sooner or later. I think it\’s inevitable — this game has to happen!

Although there have been a ton of failed petition attempts, (Battlefield 4 for Wii U, Tomb Raider for Wii U, Achievement system for Nintendo consoles, Skype on Wii U) one petition that swept the nation and ultimately gave Nintendo a change of heart was Operation Rainfall, also known as \”Oprainfall.\” With the slogan \”No game left behind,\” Operation Rainfall was a fan campaign that was formed to pressure Nintendo of America to localize three AAA role-playing games on the Wii — Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandora\’s Tower, and The Last Story.

As you know now, the project was a huge success. However, after almost two years of fan letters, emails, and phone calls, Nintendo finally spoke to the fans saying, \”There are no plans to bring these three games to the Americas at this time.\” What a buzzkill, right? Fret not, after some financial evaluating of how the three games performed in Europe, Nintendo finally came to their senses. They then partnered with Xseed Games to localize all three titles and Operation Rainfall was a success! This proves that, although Nintendo\’s self-righteous words were a punch it the throat to a lot of their supporters, they still believe in giving their fans what they want.


We all know Nintendo is a company that takes pride in what they do and they should, because they create some of the most riveting experiences in the gaming industry. Do you think their harsh words on not being affected by fan petitioning truly speaks to what they\’re all about? It seems to me that this isn\’t completely the case. Not to say Nintendo wouldn\’t base a business decision purely on finical advantages, as many signs do point to that, they are a business after all. A famous quote from Lucas Thomas of IGN reads:

\”As this all stands now, Operation Rainfall is already one of the most interesting and unique fan-fueled release campaigns ever put together. There have been groups of diehard supporters for particular Nintendo titles or series sequels in the past who have organized similar efforts, hoping to catch NOA\’s attention. They\’ve rarely met with success. This one, though, has that one key thing that none of the rest of them ever did — cold hard cash.\”

With online petitions becoming more and more popular throughout the Internet, I want to know what you think about the phenomenon. Do you believe that Nintendo is affected by online petitions? Maybe all these were just a coincidence? Will you rally behind petitions to get games like Destiny on Wii U? Leave it all in the comments section below!

Written by Brett Medlock

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