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There raged, in the past few days, a debate about the reasons behind Third Parties supporting Nintendo so poorly: whether Nintendo were at fault, or Third Parties were, or if Nintendo even cared, were the points of contention.

Suddenly, LightsaberBlues kicked off into epic heights with the following Ridiculously Awesome Post about Nintendo and third parties:

All Nintendo can really do about third parties is being done…. X and Bayonetta 2 are two big exclusives…. They funded Wonderful 101 and are going forward with Hyrule Warriors with Tecmo/Koei…. Nintendo funding these third party projects is what they\’ve always done since N64…. Games like Eternal Darkness and Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes only exist because of these kind of relationships…

Nintendo can\’t control whether third parties will want to get on board with Wii U…. That\’s something that is almost entirely out of Nintendo\’s hands [in my opinion]….

But wtf they can do is fund these really awesome third party exclusives…. And they are doing just that…. What the [expletive] more can you expect from Nintendo when it comes to third parties….?

If it\’s just about the numbers then of course Nintendo is on the same page as third parties are…. They want to sell Wii U\’s…. You think Nintendo doesn\’t want that…? People act like Nintendo is sabotaging itself somehow when it comes to third parties by not supporting the Wii U as much as it should….

If you think Nintendo doesn\’t want the Wii U to sell, think again…. Nintendo and third parties both want the same thing…. They want Wii U sales to pick up steam, significantly….

Third parties are waiting on Nintendo to come out with that killer app that sells Wii U\’s like hotcakes [in my opinion]…. Once that finally happens the third parties will come running to Wii U in droves with all kinds of last gen ports and PC ports and maybe even some downscaled current gen ports, just like on the Wii when it started to sell well….

But acting like all that will happen without some killer Nintendo app to sell the Wii U is complete fantasy…. Literally all we can do is wait and see how people react to the games (Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Brothers, X and Bayonetta 2) and see if it gets people buzzing about finally buying a Wii U….

I mean we can all talk about it in between these releases, but really we are just waiting to see how things will unfold at this point….

With third parties non existent, it\’s now up to Nintendo to release all these great games and hope to hell they make a difference in terms of the outside public view of the Wii U, especially with non Nintendo fans…. It\’s a waiting game now….

The ball is in Nintendo\’s court…. The plays have all but been called for this entire year of releases…. Now we wait and see how it all plays out…. Hopefully things will begin to turn around….

If not you can kiss all that third party fantasy goodbye…. Truth be told…. Even if the third parties come to Wii U, it will probably not be in the way everyone is wanting….

Now think about that for a sec before you start bitching about Nintendo and third parties…. /rant….


Mario Kart 8 can open the floodgates.

Later, Jacesonnall (a.k.a. as NE editor Omar Taylor and the NE forum\’s big daddy mattavelle1 had a short conversation related to the topic.

I\’d actually be okay and happy even if third parties ditched Wii U for the rest of the gen, so long as Nintendo can keep the release schedule filled with quality games.

Any third party games can be bought on the superior available platform, the PC.

-Jacesonnall (a.k.a. Omar T.)

I disagree cause some people don\’t game on other consoles/platforms or can\’t spend that money or don\’t have the time.

I don\’t want just streams and streams of 3rd party games on Wii U cause I just don\’t have the time for them.

Like [sjmartin79] said I just want some quality 3rd party games to go along with the first party Nintendo games I can\’t live without. I don\’t have to have them all, but I do want some cause I\’m not going to spend money for 3rd party somewhere else, it makes no sense to me or for me.

Also dat posting while holding a baby. #badassmultitaskingdad


I didn\’t mean to imply that I didn\’t want any of them on Wii U. I meant if that ever came to fruition, I\’m not sure if I\’d even be upset under 2 conditions. One, Nintendo must be able to support their platform steadily and two, I can get the third party games I missed out on on PC (Which I usually always can).

I don\’t think it will though, and it\’s obviously not happening. Warner Bros and Ubi still at least acknowledge the Wii U in 2014. Once Wii U turns profitable for Nintendo, third parties are going to want a piece of that profit pie.

-Jacesonnall (a.k.a. Omar T.)

LightsaberBlues holds a very good point, and that is that we can do nothing but wait for Nintendo\’s killer app (tentatively Mario Kart 8, if it turns out great), and see what happens then. As to whether Nintendo can keep the software lineup somewhat busy on first party titles alone, we\’ll have to wait to the next Nintendo Direct to find out.

But what do YOU think? Will Third Parties come to the Wii U in droves after a possible Nintendo killer app? Or will they have to fill up the software lineup themselves – and can they even do that? Let us know in the comment section, or even better, join the NE Forums and help shape future discussions!

Written by Alex Balderas

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