Episode 1 – Ridley Defeated Again


We\’re always looking to improve the site with new features and cool stuff for our readers and community. Our new comic series, A Link to the Laughs, is a collaboration between two talented Nintendo gamers.

The script and concept is helmed by everyone\’s favorite Nintendo humor writer, Daniel Switzer. Daniel originally caught our attention with his BadMiiversePosts and Fake Reggie accounts on Twitter. Between his own account and his two humor accounts, he commands the attention of more than 35,000 eager Twitter followers who wait for his latest jokes. After he joined our forums to engage in some witty banter with other Nintendo fans, it was practically pre-ordained. We jumped at the opportunity to broadcast the creativity of another talented Nintendo fan. He\’s been writing parody and satire for us ever since, such as the Iwata Asks parody, entitled, Iwata [Laughs].

On the artistic side of things, we\’ve been working for a while with a talented artist, who is also a Nintendo gamer. Her name is Nathalie Jacobsen and can you see some of her stunning artwork on her deviantArt page. We\’ve got a lot of work lined up for her, so expect to see lots more custom Nintendo artwork in the coming months.

We hope to make A Link to the Laughs a weekly series, and it will take a look at current events in the Nintendo fanbase online. For the first episode, Daniel cast his eye on the big debate online whether Ridley should become a playable character in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. As he says, Sakurai trolled us in the Smash Bros Nintendo Direct by showing us Ridley\’s shadow during the boss announcements, indicating that Ridley would be nothing more than a boss. Maybe next time Ridley!

Written by Menashe

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