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My three boys aren\’t quite old enough to play Call of Duty and I\’ve been wishing that someone would make a local multiplayer FPS that I could play with my kids for quite awhile now. Then the other day it hit me like a lightning bolt… I already OWN the perfect family-friendly FPS!

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (included with the Metroid Prime Trilogy)


Simply put, this game is a blast. I hardly played the multiplayer aspect at all on the Gamecube, but in the Trilogy version it includes IR controls, which completely changes the experience for the better. I played it with my 8 year old yesterday and it was a total throwback to playing Goldeneye with my buddies on the couch when I was a teenager. I like it because there\’s no swearing, blood, or abusive online interaction that\’s not good for kids, but even if you discount the family friendliness, this is still a killer game for anyone who grew up playing local FPS matches with their friends.

Fact: this is a local FPS which supports widescreen with all 4 players using Wii remotes. That is unheard of these days.

As a side bonus, it\’s effing Metroid, so you have the morph ball (including jump and boost powers) plus all sorts of beams, bombs, and missiles at your disposal. One super cool benefit of playing an FPS based in the Metroid world, is that playing this makes my kids more interested in Metroid. In an age where most kids don\’t even know what Metroid is, I can happily say that my little dudes are total fans. That makes this Nintendo-lovin\’ dad happier than a pig in a tub full of slop.

So if you haven\’t bought the Metroid Prime Trilogy yet, take out a loan and get it. If you already have it, take it out of the safety deposit box and play this gem of a game. This is my favorite recent re-discovery and it\’s well worth sitting down and playing with your family and friends.

Thank you Retro. Please continue to be awesome.

Here\’s a link to pick it up used on Amazon. You can get it for about $60 used. It\’s not going to be worth as much as the collectors edition in the tin case, but that\’s not why you\’re getting it anyway.

Link to Used Copies of Metroid Prime Trilogy on Amazon\"\"

Written by Menashe

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