In this week\’s installment of The Score, we hear your thoughts on the PS4 and Xbox One..

In addition, we ask for your thoughts on the release date of both Mario and Zelda, as well as the Xbox One, coincidentally. Was it a good idea to release Nintendo\’s two biggest franchises on the same day? Was it a good idea for them to come out competing with the Xbox One?

The Score: Episode 29

The Score: Was it a Good Decision to Release Mario and Zelda on the Same Day as Each Other and the Xbox One?

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Last week, we asked you…

The Score: What are your opinions of the PS4 and Xbox One?

Head below and find out what you had to say.

Your Responses

They both are great systems and I\’ve been liking the UI on both of them…and of course the graphics will surely be great..though..these first batch of games I\’ve been seeing don\’t really make them justice..

But it\’s also hard to judge until a few months have passed and hopefully better games are out which make better use of their capabilities…so there is not much to say at this moment…

Still I welcome both systems…the more the merrier because with competition like this Nintendo has to step it up to keep us Nintendo fans loyal…hell if it wasn\’t for the price I would get all systems ha…but…it seems I need to eat to stay alive =_=


With all of the stuff I\’ve been hearing about the ps4… I think I won\’t be getting one for at least 2 years. In regards to the xbox 1, I already have a cablebox so no thank you.


Overpriced underpowered money wasters.

These \”next gen\” consoles are pathetic. The WII U isn\’t trying to be a visual stunning console but the Xone and PS4 keep trying to act like they are just as good as a gaming PC. they aren\’t. i am never wasting $ on a console again.

-Bryon Jones

WiiU awesome, Ps4 pretty cool, xbox not a gaming console worth owning atm.


Water down pc\’s

-Chapel Montoya

PS4 seems like a cool console for the downstairs TV, while the XBone can burn.



Both are too expensive to consider for the moment and I\’m not impressed with the current game line-up. Microsoft can kiss my ass if they think I\’m going to help them spy on me with an XB1 via the whole PRISM scandal. I will reserve judgment on PS4 for a year. By that time, I should have a better idea of what i think of that system.

-Matthew Scott Brady

I despise them both. I could care less of the 1080 p graphics.

-Chris Hernandez

Both are corporate multi-plat machines that typify everything wrong with the direction gaming is heading, cutting content from games for Day 1 DLC, Paid Online, a industry focused on making \’blockbuster\’ games only and spending more on marketing than actual games.


just typical consoles. The PS4 is clearly that the messiah of gaming so I can\’t help but feel that sacred next-gen leap isn\’t going to be as titanic companies want people to believe.


I love nintendo games. Period.

-Cameron Grant

All this hate smh towards the gaming community. Anyways all three had lack luster launch titles and from the looks of it though around the same time of the wii u I\’m sure the other two will have more games and a better selection. I love me Nintendo but I have to say it\’s been sad but 2014 looks to be really good for every company. Truly excited for all three and I think all three are great in their own way. I wish success for these companies but if I had to choose a side like my fellow commenters than Sony over Microsoft due to sentimental reasons. But yeah excited though for my gaming experiences :)

-Bruce Alv

Well, I got a PS4 launch day and don\’t really care about the Xbox One. Both systems are going to have overall similar lineups but I like Sony\’s exclusives more.


When it all boils down, I just want a console to game on without worrying about other expenses.. The Wii U is perfect because I\’m a college student.. I\’m only able to play in-between quarters haha..


The HD twins are back and now you can barely tell which one is which, with that being said I am very happy with my Wii U (even though people seem to bash it mostly without properly trying one… Sad) and 3DS. But if I had to choose an HD Twin I would probably choose PS4 just for the RPG\’s they will get, it\’s also not just a shooter/driving player like my 360 was (collecting dust BTW)


None have any real innovation. I\’ll just stick to my 3ds.

-Seth VanBrunning

The Wii U is the best value BY FAR. free online and it comes with games as well as a stand and being 100% backwards compatable with Wii games, downloaded stuff and accessories and controllers. Also, it lacks most crappy EA games. The PS4 is a great price at $399, but then you need a game +$60… maybe 2 +$60 a PS+ card or digital purchase to play online +$60 (a stand to go vertical for better space +$20) if you don\’t want to use PS+, then atleast 1 more controller +$60 And say you WANT to use the pre-installed camera software, that\’s at least another +$60-90.  Xbone is no different there.except you get the $110 camera included.


OK, opinions on PS4/Xb1. Here\’s what I know so far.

I got the chance to play the Demo kiosk of PS4 on Monday at Best Buy. It did take a bit for me to get it started. I don\’t know if it was in sleep mode or nearing the Blue Line of Death. Once I could get the Demo disc to display the games featured on it, I had a wide range of games available to View a video of and some Demos. Ended up trying a Arcade Pinball game. The controller felt natural and the back triggers felt good to use. I still feel the need to wait for more games to arrive on the system, but I\’ll probably buy one. I did skip out on the PS3 so I will buy a PS4 just because I skipped a generation with them. And to buy some of their Exclusives.

I saw the XB1 at the Microsoft Store at the Mall of America 2 weeks ago when I went up there for a wedding. The Console is actually smaller than I believed it would be. I didn\’t get to touch the Console or the Controller (as it was Display only) so I\’m waiting to play it before I make my mind up on how soon to buy one.

Being as both are not backwards compatible, I\’ll wait a bit to see which I buy first but I need to see the next year games available on both systems. Also, I want to see how easy it will be to fill up the HDD on both systems as well.

 -David K


Staff Responses

As some may already know, I\’m not Nintendo-only, as I also avidly game on the PC. So if my tastes are so diverse, why didn\’t I preorder a PS4 and Xbox One?

Aside from the fact that I\’ve never preordered a console before — and likely never will — both these consoles fundamentally, yet subjectively flawed in some key areas.

Initially, pertaining to the PS4, on the surface, it looks like an affordable console launching with quite a bit of support to say the least. Looking deeper into the console, however, reveals some repulsive features for me that center back to PSN. For many consumers, PSN can be a handy subscription service, giving you an abundance of titles to keep as long as you stay subscribed. For many others, like myself, this is a huge huge HUGE turn off. Effectively, the availability of PSN is DRM you have the option to agree to or decline. Since I\’m able to reject the service, the problem isn\’t that it exists, the problem is that, with the PS4, if you choose not to agree to the service, your PS4 becomes an offline experience (Think Wii U without the Nintendo Network). There\’s also the fact that if I were to ever unsubscribe from the service, all the games I\’ve accumulated over the years would be stripped away from me, and if it\’s been long enough, I may not be able to find the games online for a reasonable price. Considering Sony can\’t make online interaction services free, I don\’t think I can purchase a PS4 with my own money.

As for Xbox One, like the PS4, it gets almost everything right, but is brought down by key deterrents. I have not seen a single game on the Xbox One that has benefited from Kinect and I already have a modern cable box. One major thing I don\’t like doing is paying full price for features I know I won\’t use. So to Microsoft\’s luck, perhaps it was a good idea to announce it at $500, because if they announced it a $400 and I used this same line of thinking, I would probably asking them to lower to price of the console to a range where they would be selling at a huge loss.

-Omar T. (Acesonnall)

Well… I picked the PS4 up at launch day, and I\’m very impressed. Sure, the launch lineup wasn\’t anything to boast about, but the multitasking capabilities, coupled with several other awesome features (streaming, remote play), make me very excited for the PS4\’s future, especially with all the awesome Playstation exclusives.

The Xbox One isn\’t as excited to me, probably for the same reason as everyone else. The console doesn\’t have as many exclusives, but more importantly, I couldn\’t give two shits about Kinect, so I don\’t really want to pay $500 for the console. As soon as it gets a price drop to $400 I\’ll pick it up.

Personally, I\’m incredibly excited for the new consoles. Sure, Nintendo\’s 1st party games are the best in the industry, but I\’m happy there are other consoles to play in between.

-Elia (Paleselan)

I don\’t own either system right now, but I do plan to purchase both at some point.  It\’s more a matter of finances than anything.  For me, when it comes down to it, it\’s the games that I care most about. Both systems have games I want.  Eventually they\’ll go down in price, too. So when the time is right, I\’ll strike!

-Scar_LiT (Tom)

I have zero interest in the Xbox One. Overpriced with no games that appeal to me right now. PS4 is a bit more enticing, but the $400 just isn\’t worth it to me right now. No exclusives that grab me and say \”Hey, you should buy me!\”. I\’m perfectly content with Wii U and PS3 right now, even though the PS3 is mainly being used for Netflix in my room. haha.

-Shawn Long (SirNintendo)


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