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So apart from Splatoon acting as a big-time surprise, Devil\’s Third was the stealth announcement to end all stealth announcements at E3. Sure, Nintendo did this before with Wonderful 101, but that game\’s candy-colored, toon-ish vibe (even if the art hides a butt kicker of a difficult game) felt right at home on a Nintendo console. It was a surprise announcement, but at face value, releasing the game on the Wii U made a lot of sense.

Devil\’s Third? A grimy, bloody, new IP from Itagaki-san? That\’s the type of un-Nintendo game you\’d expect them to drop as a megaton surprise, exclusive announcement. I thought it was pretty stupid to hide the game as a post-conference announcement…until I watched IGN\’s walk through.

Written by Mike D.

Evil-at-large for Nintendo Enthusiast.

(Variously known as EvilTw1n, ET and “maple bacon donut.”)

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