We are going to go live today at 8 PM Central Standard Time. That is 9 PM Eastern Time, and 6 PM Pacific Time. Please come join us here at that time.

lovely readers of Nintendo Enthusiast!

I am here to welcome you to a most special event: our Mario Kart 8 launch party via TNE TV on Twitch.

Before I continue, let me clarify: Mario Kart 8 comes out this Friday the 30th of May; \”TNE\” is what the Nintendo Enthusiast forum members call out our website, harkening back to the days when we were just a humble little blog called \”The Nintendo Enthusiast\”; TNE TV is a project forum members put together, where we broadcast ourselves through Twitch while playing online multiplayer games and just generally talking to one another about Gaming, Nintendo, and Life. So think about it as sort of live podcast with hosts who are playing online multiplayer games at the same time.

What the event is: on Friday, many of us from the Nintendo Enthusiast Forums are making a point of getting the game as soon as possible, getting online at night – 8 PM Central Standard Time, to be sure – and broadcasting it on Twitch. Some people will join us in the game; others will join us in the Twitch chat. So come on over and join us in the livestream on Friday at 8 PM CST, meet some cool people and watch some NE Staff and mods get blasted by Blue Shells!

You can find more information for the event in this forum thread. This article will be bumped on Friday as well, as a reminder to everyone who wants to join us.



The Mario Kart 8 Launch Party is not the only event we have planned from TNE TV and the Nintendo Enthusiast Forums. Three words: Electronic Entertainment Expo. E3! E3!

Every year since we\’ve existed, the Nintendo Enthusiast staff, forum members, and enthusiastic readers have gotten together during E3 to watch the conferences and events together. Typically we\’ve simply gotten together in our Chat (also located on the right sidebar, right above the banners for the Indie Corner, NE Radio, and the Nintendo: Week in Review – click on the large white space if you can\’t see the chat window). But this year we are going bigger.

One of our beloved Forum members, LightsaberBlues, who is now also part of the TNE TV crew, will throw a tailgate party leading up to the Nintendo Digital Event. He will be livestreaming for an hour before Nintendo\’s event, and continuing throughout it. The idea? To discuss people\’s hopes and expectations for Nintendo, and generally have a great time together as a community. LightsaberBlues and our forums\’ administrator Matt C. will host the show, while allowing the audience to call in with their Wii U\’s Wii U Chat feature to participate in turns in the conversation.

So mark your calendars, Enthusiasts! This Friday the 30th of May, at 8 PM Central Standard Time, we will hold a livestream of our Mario Kart 8 launch party in this Twitch channel; And on June the 10th, at 11 AM Central Standard Time (9 AM Pacific Time), we will hold another livestream, this time for the E3 Tailgate Party, in this channel.

See you all there!

Written by Alex Balderas

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