There was a time when each level in a Mario game would have its own recognizable, hummable tune. These days, however, Mario games will very often have one main new theme which weaves its way throughout the entire game in various forms. Classic tunes often pop up again, fully remixed, and sound effects are always energetic and full of personality. But more or less there\’s usually one extremely memorable new main theme for each new game. These are the ones that you\’ll remember in five years from now.

So, instead of revisiting the retro classic tunes which we all know and love we decided to listen again to the more recent Mario tunes and guess which ones will be considered classics when the next generation arrives. Let us know which Mario themes you like best in the comments below.

New Super Mario Bros (DS)

New Super Mario Bros on the DS was the first time Nintendo returned to 2D platforming for the Mario series since the SNES. To usher in the new series, we got this theme which would become the recurring overworld theme for all the rest of the New Super Mario Bros games.

New Super Mario Bros Wii

Building up a new repertoire of tunes for the series, this tune would once again become a recurring theme for the rest of the series. In fact, New Super Mario Bros 2 used this same track as its main theme.

New Super Mario Bros U

If you played New Super Mario Bros U you will recognize this theme because it turned up in all different form throughout the game. Luckily, it\’s quite catchy so it worked out perfectly for the fun atmosphere of the game.

New Super Luigi U

New Super Luigi U\’s main theme reflects accurately the wacky spin-off feeling that the Luigi-themed platforming DLC is meant to portray.

Yoshi\’s New Island

This is just a taste of what\’s to come, but Yoshi\’s New Island main theme has already been revealed in the trailer (with SFX). Pretty perky so far!

Super Mario Galaxy

The Galaxy series had a grand orchestral theme to the entire soundtrack, and the main theme established that style right from the beginning.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2 continued on the grand sweeping feeling of the first Galaxy game, although some consider the theme to be even more catchy than the first game

Super Mario 3D Land

Super Mario 3D Land\’s main theme is a fun, catchy tune that blends the bouncy rhythm of the New Super Mario Bros with the orchestral themes of the Galaxy series.

Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World blew everyone away with its winning gameplay, chock full of variety and charm. The game\’s main theme was the perfect match to its gameplay.

While not included in the platforming titles of the canonical Mario series, there were still many other Mario spin-offs that had great main theme tracks as well.

Mario Kart 7

Mario & Luigi: Bowser\’s Inside Story

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Super Paper Mario

Paper Mario Sticker Star

Written by Menashe

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