With the third episode here, we\’ve finally achieved threequelness. Is that even a word? I guess it doesn\’t have to be, because not making sense is what videogames are all about. Funny, then, that the industry is trying so hard to achieve realism. The closer we get, the farther we are. Trippy stuff when you think about it.

And that\’s what I\’m here for. \”Why, Why, Why?!\” is all about how little videogames make sense, and that\’s what makes them fun. Without further ado:

Don\’t feel left out of the fun! We\’re accepting user submissions, so if you are curious about something in any game released for a Nintendo platform, send them to:


Subject Line: \”I Wonder Why…\”

In the body if your email, don\’t forget to include a link to the video, or attach the screenshot! All submissions must be a minimum of 720p. Not all submissions may appear in subsequent episodes, but don\’t let that stop you!

Written by JCrossJ


Jason (ZyroXZ2) created a web series called “The Wii U Five” on YouTube to show his love and support for Nintendo and their latest console… And also because he’s sarcastic, loving to make people laugh and go into deep thought. People can do both at the same time, right?

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