First rumoured days before Nintendo\’s Digital Event, Mario Maker was eventually revealed to show off what was essentially a level editor for Super Mario Bros. It is something that has been a long time coming; fans have requested this for years, but have settled for online flash modifications and level editors that felt glitchy and, well, unofficial. However, thanks to the Wii U GamePad, editing levels just became easier.

The game resembles Super Nintendo\’s Mario Paint and there\’s no shame in the developer admitting that\’s where the majority of the inspiration came from. A neat little trick is currently being able to switch from 1985\’s original Super Mario Bros. to 2013\’s New Super Mario Bros. U and there are more variations in the works as well. It is scheduled for release in 2015, but we\’ve surely decided what we\’re going to do once we get our hands on it.

1. Creating Level 1-1 From The Original Game.

You have the tools needed to create anything you want — from massive ascending sculptures to nightmarish puzzles. You\’ve spent half an hour deciding the strategic positions of Koopas and you\’ve made it so that Mario must be pixel perfect in order to pass through the gap. Before all this, however, you undoubtedly attempted to recreate World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. Don\’t even begin to deny it.

2. A Platoon Of Enemies That Are Impossible To Get Through

It doesn\’t matter how you place them — you will create an enormous pile of Goombas or Koopas, place them right at the end of a level that\’s already testing the limits of the most expert platformers, and make it entirely impossible to hit the flagpole. Fortunately, there\’s a hidden star right at the start of the level, which provides the only way of actually beating the level. You cruel, cruel being.


3. One Fire Flower, 100 Enemies

Remember when you turned into a massive version of yourself and crushed everything in your way? Imagine doing that, but with infinite Fire Flowers. One Mario versus one hundred Goombas — this battle will go down in Mushroom Kingdom history. Mix it up by changing the enemies or even the power-ups. While Nintendo admittedly hasn\’t shown the full away of what can be put into the game, I\’m sure the majority of suits worn over the last thirty years will be included — whether that be a Frog Suit, an Ice Flower, or even Kuribo\’s Shoe!

4. Rude Stages

It\’s going to happen sooner or later, either out of boredom, frustration, or just because you want to be annoying. Blocks will be placed to spell out rude words, other levels will have depictions of certain unmentionable body parts. Nintendo\’s Phallic Extraction and Nudity Identification Software system should keep you lot in check, though. We\’ve seen your Miiverse posts; we know what you\’re up to.

5. Speed Runs

Those among us who are obsessed with speed runs are going to create stages with as little content as possible. After all, who needs ten blocks when you only use one to jump from? In fact, who needs blocks? You\’re going to continually jump from Parakoopa to Parakoopa, never touching the floor, and hit the top of that flagpole at the stage\’s end.


6. Just Springs.

Who needs blocks when you have an infinite amount of springs at your disposal? Walking is so third generation — get with the times! It\’s better to jump everywhere, although you\’ll have to be careful because the enemies have learned the art of springs, too. Parakoopas and Goombas will fill the air as you attempt to either jump over them or directly on top of them.

7. Hammer Bros. Inferno

Remember when you\’d get so far in Super Mario Bros. and the time would come to face off against those impossible Hammer Bros.? If you ran underneath them, you\’d die; if you tried to jump on them, you\’d die; if you tried to be smart and switch tactics halfway through, you\’d bottle it and die. Here are twenty of them, all angry at you, wanting revenge. This is the kind of level you would create for your worst enemy.


8. Levels Where You Can Only Jump On Enemies To Proceed

Otherwise known as \”Mario\’s Murder Mayhem,\” the level starts off with the simple Goomba before introducing some Koopas and maybe Piranha Plants before Hammer Bros. and Parakoops. There\’s no option to leave them alone. Think of how many times they\’ve caused you grief and mayhem in the past — it\’s only right that they get what\’s coming to them.

9. Just Coins. Millions of Coins.

Imagine New Super Marios Bros. 2, but on a much bigger scale, where you can collect coins to your heart\’s content just to hear that fantastical noise, jumping through hundreds and hundreds of coins. It is satisfaction for those of us who love the sound of each coin being picked up and an absolute nightmare for those among us with OCD who must collect every single one. Sorry.

10. Creativity Beyond The Developers\’ Imaginations

Seeing some of Nintendo\’s Treehouse team play in front of the developers told me something: despite being veterans in this industry, the average player can still surprise them. I believe Takashi Tezuka was on stage with them when one of the Treehouse team showed him a custom level. Watching Tezuka\’s surprised expression told me that, even if you\’re the best video game creator to have ever lived, you can still be surprised by what everyday people can create.


That\’s it for my not-so-serious suggestions, but we\’d love to hear what you\’d create in Mario Maker! Keep in mind that we still haven\’t seen the full extent of the game — there have been hints from the game\’s developers that more art styles, as well as more content, will appear. What will your imagination create?

Written by Daniel Switzer

18 year old video game critic who occasionally attempts to be funny. It doesn’t always work. Contributor for multiple sites, special admiration for Nintendo games. Contact me via Twitter @daniel_switzer

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