Two Brothers , is an 8-bit Gameboy style game with RPG and dungeon crawling inspiration, and Legend of Zelda type gameplay.  It is being developed by indie developer AckkStudios, and was funded as a Kickstarter project needing only $6,000 to put into motion.  Well, the developer raked in over $10,000 more and the dream is now a reality with a port being readied for the Wii U eShop.

As the story goes you will play as an inventor named Roy Guarder who soon gets tired of his black and green Gameboy colored world after he nearly dies.  This in turn inspires his brother who then decides to join the adventure.  Together the two set out to find a way to bring color into their world.  It almost sounds like a mash up of De Blob and The Legend of Zelda.  Anyway, a lot of people thought for sure the game would look and feel great on the 3DS but unfortunately that won\’t happen.

AckkStudios producer Andrew Allanson explained the reasoning as to why Two Brothers wouldn\’t make a 3DS appearance saying,

\”3DS is harder, as it doesn\’t support our code base, and would require a complete remake.  We would love to make a 3DS game at some point though\”

While the Two Brothers duke it out on the Wii U a death match between the two in a nice 3D ring won\’t happen anytime soon.  However, there is hope that another great game from AckkStudios could possibly happen and this time for the 3DS only.

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Source: [Nintendo Everything]



Written by GDozier

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