There are many reasons to own a 3DS right now whether it be to play like a bad ass monster hunter, bust ghosts like Nintendo\’s man of the year, or if you plan on slamming some nice lego cuffs on a crook while undercover, the sky is the limit.  With Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the horizon, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and a possible Super Smash Bros. 3DS sighting coming at E3 things continue to get exciting.

Now, a new exciting rumor has surfaced in a tweet on Twitter from Rich over at IGN that desires a head scratch.  As reported on Nintendo Everything the tweet said,

\” Rich @RichIGN

A couple weeks from now, Nintendo is hosting an all-day 3DS event of some sort. Curious..

Now the questions can begin.  What will they unveil? Will they show Super Smash Bros. 3DS? Will they debut yet another model of the 3DS? Is there new games coming that they are going to let people play a demo of? Why would the event last all day?
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Written by GDozier

Tom Stovall, a once true blue Sega loyalist and 100% converted Nintendo Enthusiast loves to write (as if you can’t tell), drink Mountain Dew, eat pizza like a ninja turtle, bowl, hike, listen to all sorts of music (but loves 8 bit chip rock the most), go to movies (sci fiction, action, a chick flick if his wife gets him to go), and whip his son’s butt at video games. He loves retro games the most like Super Mario Bros. 3, Castlevania 3, Mega Man 3, and all other sequels with the number 3 in them. Feel free to send him a message or even an anti-Nintendo rant if you dare.

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