Miyamoto\’s view on the game industry is crystal-clear: Fight against piracy and if you want to tackle used games, make good games to have people sticking with them for a long time.

The game industry should be able to follow this path, but in the last months we have witnessed things that make us as gamers more and more scared about the future of our hobby.

Moreover, Miyamoto said the following about this hot topic:

\”For us it\’s less about used games and it\’s really more illegal copying of games that we\’re really worried about. By creating the games that we create and selling those games, it enables us to then create new versions of those games.

We\’re more worried about piracy and we think used games are a whole other story,\” Miyamoto continued. \”In fact, from our perspective you want to create a game that people will want to keep and keep playing for a long time. That\’s the approach that we always take and that\’s the best way to avoid used games.\”

The legendary video game designer had a lot of interesting things to talk about during the last two days and you can check out the full interview here.

Written by Hektor Apostolopoulos

When Hektor isn’t playing something on his video game consoles, he probably listens to his favorite music. He prefers to spend his money on classic games and rare music albums instead of spending it on alcohol and strippers. If his wallet wants a break from this expensive hobby, he watches his favorite two soccer teams on TV. He thinks that Zelda Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy VII and Half-Life 2 are the greatest games of ALL time.

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