3DS owners in North America who have been waiting to milk their cows, plant their seeds, and pop their corn (can you do that?) will get their chance to do that finally when farm simulator Harvest Moon arrives in late April.  Lucky 3DS owners in Europe will get their chance first of the Gameboy color classic as it arrives in their eShop on March 28, 2013.  North Americans figured their fresh cow\’s milk had been left out to sour when no word was given by publisher Natsume as to what would happen.

However, thanks to a Twitter shown in an article on Nintendo Life Natsume assured 3DS owners in North America that they were not forgotten.  The tweet said,

\”European fans rejoice: Harvest Moon GBC will be hitting the EU 3DS eShop on March 28th! US fans will be seeing the game in late April.\”

So, all was not lost and life can go back to normal on Uncle Bob\’s farm.  Nintendo Life noted that Natsume made an announcement back in February in a Nintendo Direct that Harvest Moon for the Gameboy Color and Legend of the River King, which is also for the Gameboy Color, would arrive for them soon.  Currently Legend of the River King has sailed and weighed anchor already on Europe\’s eShop channel and will set sail again to North America on March 28, 2013.

Is this good news for you or would you rather stay away from the farm and play in the city? Leave a comment here on Nintendo Enthusiast.

Source: [Nintendo Life]

Written by GDozier

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